Terms & Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions which are strictly practiced. In order to ease all your confusions in relation to how FreeVoucherDeals works, make sure you read the entire document.

Usage Conditions

The entire document refers WE and Us to FreeVoucherDealswhile You refers to the people landing on this website. In order to keep yourself when going with FreeVoucherDeals, make sure you have gone through the entire document of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies. Otherwise, FreeVoucherDeals will not be responsible for any act made in accordance to the prohibited actions done by you. This entire document strictly holds the people to pay obligations who look forward to maintain a relation to.

User Agreement

Before proceeding with us, FreeVoucherDeals want to assure that the end-user who is enrolling with us is responsible to pay obligations to all the mentioned terms and conditions stated in this document. In other case, FreeVoucherDeals would not be answerable for any action taken against you. Transferring the usage of the website to any other person is severely prohibited so the end-user is responsible to secure the password(s) and other confidential data in relations to FreeVoucherDeals.

Rules of User Conduct

Moreover, the other major and minor terms and conditions are mentioned below. Make sure you are well-aware with the entire document to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

The person enrolling with us should be of 18 years and above otherwise he/she is not allowed to get bound into a contract with us.

Users of age 13 and above are allowed to use this website while under the supervision of the guardian or parent who are agreeable to the Terms and Conditions which are mentioned by FreeVoucherDeals.

In any conditions against the mentioned above, company will not be responsible.

All the data encompassing pages/websites linked with this website through any source are the private property of FreeVoucherDeals.

All the linked up pages/websites committed with are bound to these Terms of Use.

End-user is severely prohibited for being a cause of any obstruction in relations to other users, websites and pages associated with FreeVoucherDeals.

All the users are given proper rights and sentiments under this document because they are significant to us in every way. Therefore, we bound users to equally respect the rights and sentiments of the other people and websites associated with FreeVoucherDeals. All end-user are bound to avoid in communicating any stuff (improper, objectionable, offensive derogatory and any similar) through this website which is causing the violations of others’ rights and sentiments.

End-users are bound to respect all the laws in relations to FreeVoucherDeals whether criminal or any other. Actions will be taken in result of the violation made.

No one can advertise/market anything without the written approval from FreeVoucherDeals.

Solicitation is prohibited through FreeVoucherDeals and associated sites.

FreeVoucherDeals holds every right to suspend/terminate the account(s) of any end-user(s) who goes against or does not fall within the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.

Service Quality and Continuity

Quality assurance in regards to FreeVoucherDeals and other associated is guaranteed. All the functionalities along to this website are made possible to be available throughout the span for people’s usage without any hindrance. In case of any interruption whether in affairs to the entire website or some of its services/content/functionalities, there may be some core reason such as suspension or termination without any former notice. In such situation, FreeVoucherDeals will not be responsible for any data loss as it would be not in our control.

End-User Premises Equipment

End-User is responsible to arrange all the required hardware/software to comfortable use the website. FreeVoucherDeals is not responsible for any damages/loss happened to the data or similar due to the end-user equipment.

Changes in the Terms and Conditions

With the course of time, modifications will be made in Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditioned without a former notice in accordance to the required needs. Users are bound to read them each time they visit the website to avoid any violation.

Copyrights Policy

All the data on the website including the associated websites/pages, no matter in any form is the private property of FreeVoucherDeals and prohibit all the user to cause any sort of violation or disturbance in it. All the content associated with the website is copyright protected so action can be taken in case of copying, transmitting or distributing the contents of this website and associated ones. There is prohibition for the user to personally use the copyright-protected data.

Damages due to Intellectual Property Rights Infringement

Any damage caused by the users due to intellectual property rights infringement, FreeVoucherDeals holds the entire right to take an action for it. Only affiliates, subsidiaries, merchants or any other third party associated can use such material. In case of continuous violation from any user, termination of the membership will be done after the notification from the copyright owner with evidence.

Trademark Policy

FreeVoucherDeals is the trademark of FreeVoucherDeals, INC only. All the other mentioned on the website belongs to their owners respectively. All the trademarks seen on this website or associated websites exclusively belongs to FreeVoucherDeals excluding the ones which are under the license from the owner of trademark.

Disclaimer of Warranty

FreeVoucherDeals along with all of its affiliates, merchants, agents, employees, third-party content providers/licensors do not guarantee anything in regards to the usage of website, the benefits of purchasing through the website and quality of the service/content provided by the website or associated sites. FreeVoucherDeals along with its associated sites are not responsible any sort of purchasing made by the end-user, other users and merchants with the respective party. All the interaction in between the two parties excluding FreeVoucherDeals and its associates, we will not be responsible for any act. The user agress to all the terms and conditions to use this website at his/her own risk.

Confidentiality and Privacy of the User Information

Except the publications of deals, ratings, discussions and comments, FreeVoucherDeals is not responsible for any other information published on our website. Any material causing disturbance in regards to Terms of Use may be removed by the authority of FreeVoucherDeals.

Third-Party Content

All the generated and posted content on FreeVoucherDeals by third-party or end user will not be our responsibility unless it does not disrespect the terms and conditions of FreeVoucherDeals. We do not own any such editorial control in such cases.

Refund Policy

Within the three working days of USA, make sure you register your complain at our customer support through email or live chat if you find any issue in the purchased product(s) through the platform of FreeVoucherDeals. As stated that the license is governed by laws of State of Illinois.

In such cases, you will be delivered with a new product or solution. Though we are not liable for refunding the amount you have paid but the policy mentioned about will be implemented for the purchases done through our website.

Dispute Resolution

The end-user agrees that any claim or dispute between the end-user and FreeVoucherDeals arising out of or related to this agreement, this website, or any associated sites, or the purchase of any service/product, shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration administered by the "Courts of USA, United States of America".

Deal/Promotion Posting Policy

Being a participant of FreeVoucherDeals as a merchant, you are responsible for ensuring the validity of the promotions/deals posted by your name. Before you post any deal/promotion, make sure it falls perfectly within our terms of use and it should not contain any sort of prohibited product/service.

FreeVoucherDeals owns the entire right to remove any promotion or deal that is violating the terms in any way without even notifying it to the merchant. Continuous violation will cause the suspension from the membership of FreeVoucherDeals.

Prohibited Products/Services:

The promotion/selling or any similar action is prohibited on the website of FreeVoucherDeals:

Spyware, spam ware, e-mail advertising, opt-in or any commercial messaging services

Real estate investment offers/services,
Psychic games or Readings

Products/services/contents that promote hatred, racism or religious persecution

Gambling and gambling related services and/or products.

IPR infringing, brand name “knock offs”, or replica products.

Adult membership or subscription/chatting services

Art depicting religious places or scenery

Lottery games, raffles, contests and similar products/services

Credit cards, credit card applications, credit repair services, or applications for financial services, loans, or collection services

Musical instruments & related products, Solicitation/requests for donations

Religious items, products and services
Mailing lists and personal information

Financial services or advice, securities trading, insurance, currency exchange, trading signals and precious metals

Products related to pigs or containing pig body parts

Adult and Erotic Items, Alcohol, alcoholic beverages, and other related products

Products/services/contents that promote hatred, racism or religious persecution

Animals, animal body parts, remains or fluids

Air Guns, Weapons, Tasers, Firearms, Ammunition

Any sorts of IDs and/or Licenses

Job postings/Want Ads

Illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia

Counterfeit currency(s) and/or stamps

Contracts and tickets, Event ticket reselling

Pornographic (in every aspect)

Veterinary products and animal drugs and medications

Products, services or images containing profanity

High Capacity Magazines

Fireworks or pyrotechnic devices or supplies

Educational diplomas and/or degrees

Unapproved or inauthentic drugs and medications/devices

Human body parts, remains, or fluids

Any service(s) or product(s) that requires a certification or license to practice, e.g. legal or medical services

Any other Item that can create some sort of violation among people whether personal or public